Committed to safety in the workplace

Axis Mechanical Group, Inc. is committed to safety in the workplace and on the worksite. We strive for zero accidents and incidents, but our responsibility is to make sure every single worker, and every person we work with, goes home safe every day.

Safe work cultures start with basic common beliefs supported bay ALL employees in an organization. Safety is AMG’s vision and value, and based on personal experiences, beliefs and upbringing.

Core Beliefs
Safety is everyone's responsibility
Every incident can be avoided
No job is worth getting hurt for
A positive attitude makes the most of safety training and tools
A total safety culture is achieved through communication and training.
Core Values

A safe work environment begins with a commitment from the top of the organization. AMG’s leadership demands accountability by example, reflecting the safety culture of our organization.


Employees must understand safety requirements, and their role in ensuring safety. Employee involvement builds ownership.

Most injuries and incidents are due, in part, to risky behaviors. Communicating the consequences of those behaviors is the key to changing them, and managing those consequences motivates and influences good behavior. Safety goals are realistic and communicated through safety awareness material, posters, banners, bulletins and newsletters, and a safety incentive program that motivates workers to avoid accidents.


Safety training starts on the first day, and is reinforced throughout every employee’s career. Positive mentoring and coaching promotes a safe work culture. AMG employees are encouraged to ask questions, and challenged to take care of one another.

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